Influencer Marketing

Beautynesia Member
They are our 50 micro-influencers that have high engagement rate.
Tracking System
We provide performance statistics of contents that created by our influencers, such as page views, likes, and engagement rate.
Influencer Casting
We can cast influencer that match your promotional concept such as event attending, social media posting, or article/video production.
Brand Ambassador
Our influencer can exclusively promotes your brand for a year

Our Achievement

KOSE: Beautynesia arranged for 47 Beautynesia Members as well as 3 very high-end influencers to promote Esprique BB Spray to their audience. In total, we achieve more than 700,000 total video view.
Toyota: Beautynesia arrange high-engagement influencers from Beautynesia Members to attend TOYOTA event and post it to their social media.